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Order of Service

At your wedding, lots of things will happen, and it's good to let your wedding guests know what will occur and when. This is the purpose of the Order of Service - literally a printed list of things that will happen and the order in which they take place. This makes guests feel more comfortable and allows them to follow the service with you.

CelebrationsPlus offer a wide range of designs for your wedding service to match your chosen invitations, so you can carry the same design theme throughout your wedding. All are fully personalised with your own wording. In general, the first page consists of the wedding date and time, the venue, and the names of the couple. The remaining 3 pages are printed with the hymns and details of the other important points in the service.

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At CelebrationsPlus you can select your Order of Service cards from a large range of designs, most of which have matching wedding and evening invitations. All are fully printed with the details of your own wedding service, and can be printed in a range of pretty colours. Styles range from simple, inexpensive designs such as Simplicity, to our very special Mummy and Daddy Order of Service, which children love. Designs feature a wide range of pretty cards and papers. With the Our Venue design, you can even have an artist’s impression of your own church or other venue printed on the cover! In general, all "folded" designs have a hand-mounted sheet inside printed with your own details. We’re happy to post samples to you, and if you don’t quite see what you are looking for, just ask and we’ll see if it can be achieved for you.

We suggest you order your Order of Service cards at least 6 weeks before your wedding date, but we do offer an express service if you’ve left it a little late!

Black print is free of charge, or you can select one of eight pretty colours instead, but we suggest you avoid the lighter colours if you have quite a lot of wording – the darker the colour, the easier it will be to read, especially in less well-lit churches.

Remember to order a few extra for those unexpected guests, and keep a couple for yourselves too as souvenirs.